Award Ceremony

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster award by the wonderful bloggers Faith and David of fame. Thank you so much! I’m delighted to accept! This is an award for blogs with small readership. (I doubt I will ever reach the heights of for example.) The prize is to tell 11 random things about yourself, answer 11 questions provided by the nominator about yourself, come up with 11 more questions and then to nominate 11 other blogs.  Here goes:

11 Fascinating facts about me that you absolutely can’t live without.

1. I am obsessed with all things food and health, whether eating it, reading about it or watching about it. And yes, The Biggest Loser is one of my favorite shows.

2. For all my obsession with health, I’m actually starting to fall apart, piece by piece. Perhaps my name should be “Ford”: fix or repair daily.

3. I have a terrible sense of direction. The day after we were married it became clear that if we wanted to stay that way, I should drive and Mark should navigate.

4. Mark and I currently own no house or car, something that hasn’t been true since before we were married.

5. When I was a junior in high school I decided I wanted to be a professional violin player. Unfortunately, I played the piano, not the violin.

6. I eventually did take up the violin when my oldest child, Ben, was a year old. Sadly, it’s an instrument that should be started before you understand how difficult it is.

7. When I taught myself to knit from a book at age 7, I learned it in reverse, knitting from the right needle to the left, instead of left to right. See number 3 above.

8. When I met my husband, Mark, I had a suspicion that my future life would never be dull. I was right.

9. Our third child, Meredith was born under water, a sharp contrast to the “keystone cops” atmosphere of the birth of Andy, our second.

10. The most important thing for me when buying a house is whether it is bright and sunny.

11. The most important thing for me when when buying a car is whether there is a place for my purse.

And now for Faith and David’s questions:

1. What is one food you’ve eaten at least once, that really grosses you out?

The heavily salted licorice candy we were given by our Finnish exchange student, which I actually spit out. Stinky tofu is a close second.

2. Which animal would you most expect to see in your nightmares?

Dogs, and they are biting me.

3. What’s the best award/prize you’ve ever won (other than the Liebster, of course)?

The first thing I ever won was a graphing calculator that I got as a door prize for going to some talk of which I had no interest–other than the fact that they were giving away graphing calculators.

4. What’s the best prank/practical joke you’ve ever pulled AND/OR had pulled on you?

I’m pretty gullible and the male members of my family are big teases, so I’ve had more pranks pulled on me than I can remember. My favorite fun “prank”, compliments of my husband, occurred one morning during the Christmas season when I woke up to find the 3 wise men and their camels removed from the manger. They were now outside on the front steps, ready to begin their long trek back to the manger. Each day, they would get a little closer, but some days there would be “difficulties”, like a detour to a dark closet.

5. What is the most likely reason you would ever end up in jail?

Pedestrian road rage, here in Shanghai.

6. What is the one thing about you that most annoys YOU (answer honestly, not as if this is a job interview)?

I’ve always hated my neck/double chin and now gravity is taking over and it’s even worse.

7.  Your house is on fire and you can only go back in for one thing…Why is your house on fire???

No doubt a cooking fiasco. I regularly meet the apartment’s security guys at our front door with a sheepish grin on my face because I’ve set off the smoke alarm yet again. .

8. What is the worst advice anyone has ever given you?

Not to marry my husband.

9. What is the biggest mishap you’ve ever had while travelling?

Going back to Tokyo from Kyoto, on the train that would take us to the airport, we only had seconds to figure out whether the train coming into the station was ours.

It wasn’t. And it was going the wrong direction.  And it didn’t stop again for an hour. And we’d somehow settled into the “ladies only” car and Mark was told to leave.

Flight missed.

10. In retrospect, what’s the worst fashion/style choice you’ve ever made (photos welcome!)

That’s an easy one! Long curly perms were all the rage in the early 80’s and I wanted one. It was a bad choice for someone who’s hair is already curly. It was also a bad choice to have it done at a shopping mall beauty shop.

Sadly, instead of looking hot, I looked like Little Orphan Annie. I saw Mark as I was leaving the shop and he walked right past me, not recognizing me with my new poodle look. It took over a year to grow it out and look normal again.

11. What is the strangest gift anyone has ever given you?

Barbecue tools when we were living on the 20th floor with no balcony.

And now for my nominees:

Ok, another confession. I may write a blog, but I don’t read many blogs. I read somewhere that the rules were actually to nominate 5-11 blogs, so here’s 6 that I do like that still have under 200 followers. But not for long, I’m sure.


And their questions:

1. What is the one thing you do everyday that you would happily never do again?

2. List the top few “moments” of your life.

3. What is one thing you want to do before you die.

4. Cats or dogs?

5. If you were on death row, what would you request for your last meal?

6. Are you still doing what you thought you would be doing when you decided your college major? Give your major and your current occupation.

7. What was the last book you read that warrants a recommendation.

8. What are your favorite 2 movies (because I couldn’t pick just one).

9. If you could live in another century besides this one, when would it be and where would you do it?

10. What is one of your recurring dreams?

11. Snow or rain?

And finally, because it’s been so long:

Elevator flowers

Elevator flowers


About DECRYPTKNIT: knitter on the loose in Shanghai

Hi, I'm Marisa Newhouse, a former pharmacist (for a brief time during the Reagan administration) who's real calling was probably anything that has to do with cooking, plants, literature and especially knitting; hence my last and favorite job, working at Woolyminded, a wonderful yarn store. But now, I have moved half a world away to Shanghai where my husband will be working. Lots of people are interested in what we will be doing here and I have always kept journals of our travels, so I thought I'd do it the modern way and keep a blog.
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4 Responses to Award Ceremony

  1. Deb says:

    Your writing always brings a smile, and one of the reasons for that is, because i can actually hear your voice while reading! Congradulations on a well deserved nomination!

  2. Kaye and Nick says:

    Hooray! Congratulations! I knew I wasn’t the only person who hoped you’d be recognized for your blog.

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