Across the Bosphorus

The Istanbul Spice Market is right at the edge of the Bosphorus which separates the European side of Istanbul from the Asian side of Istanbul. The Asian side is “newer”, relatively speaking.

Spice market #2 - 01

Looking towards the Asian side

Spice market #2 - 02

Looking the other direction towards the mosques

Spice market #2 - 03

At one point on the trip across you can see the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia at the same time (even on smoggy days!).

Spice market #2 - 04

Spice market #2 - 05

Lighthouse. Don’t know if it’s still in use.

Spice market #2 - 06

Spice market #2 - 07

Happy to get off the boat!

Spice market #2 - 08

We stopped for snacks. These were fried mussels–fabulous!

Spice market #2 - 09

We stopped in this sweet shop–so many yummy things!

Spice market #2 - 10

Spice market #2 - 11

Quite the variety–the olives on the bottom had been sugared. I prefer mine salty!

Spice market #2 - 12

Spice market #2 - 13

Marzipan fruit

Spice market #2 - 14

Can you believe the variety of Turkish Delight? Frankly, the difference in taste was pretty subtle.

Spice market #2 - 15

Street performers

Spice market #2 - 16

The street on the way to a Turkish towel seller.

Spice market #2 - 17

How about this–they make the towels for Williams Sonoma!

Next we went to a huge market where the locals do their shopping.

Spice market #2 - 18 Spice market #2 - 19 Spice market #2 - 20

Something new I haven’t seen before.

Spice market #2 - 21

Spice market #2 - 22

Next we had a snack of oysters.

Spice market #2 - 23

Grape leaves for making dolmas

Spice market #2 - 24

More grape leaves, but not rolled up

Spice market #2 - 25

And of course, pickles!

Spice market #2 - 26

Chatting with a friend over a glass of pickle juice–I’ll take tea, thank you very much!

Spice market #2 - 27

Pickle juice, on tap!

Spice market #2 - 28

They pickle everything.

Spice market #2 - 29

So many olives!

Spice market #2 - 30

And, of course, the fish section

Spice market #2 - 31

Huge mound of filo for sale

Spice market #2 - 32

A much cleaner goat skin for cheese!

Spice market #2 - 33

This is where we had a very long and lovely lunch.

Spice market #2 - 34

The table was already set with little mezes for us to try.

Spice market #2 - 35

They immediately brought out some puffy bread for us–I’m sure this popular bread is mostly flour and water, but it has a distinctive taste.

Spice market #2 - 36

We went to look at some of the bread puffing up in their oven.

Spice market #2 - 37

The bread maker and the bread baker.

Spice market #2 - 38

Samples of drinks to choose from–something red, yogurt, and a “spring” drink.

Spice market #2 - 39

All the little mezes on my plate before I dug in–humus is in the middle.

Spice market #2 - 40

Lovely lentil soup

Spice market #2 - 41 Spice market #2 - 42

The main course–the big brown blob on the left is stuffed dried eggplant

Spice market #2 - 43


Spice market #2 - 44

Cute little boy who was eating outside, opposite our table.

Spice market #2 - 45

Dessert of dried fruits and cheese and sweet shredded wheat with cheese.

Spice market #2 - 46

Turkish coffee

Spice market #2 - 48

Long lunch over, we headed back across the Bosphorus.

Spice market #2 - 49

The guy sitting behind us was throwing bread to the seagulls, hence the huge flock of them following our boat.

Spice market #2 - 50

Panoramic of the coast

Spice market #2 - 51

Back on the European side, we found that dramatically more people were in the area around the spice bazaar and mosque than had been there in the morning.

 Spice market #2 - 52

This is the actual building the bazaar is in.

Spice market #2 - 54

The date above the entrance arch. I wanted to go back into the bazaar to buy some soap from Bilge at the spice shop we had visited in the morning. The entrance was so crowded at this time in the afternoon that it took about 15 minutes to get through the gate and we were crammed together as tightly, if not more so, than when we’ve been on any rush hour subway in Asia. It was unreal.
Spice market #2 - 55

We persevered though, and look, we got to walk past this interesting shop!

Spice market #2 - 56

Back outside, you can see all the people who were also going in and out of the mosque.

Spice market #2 - 57 Spice market #2 - 58More ladies, sitting on the bench, resting after their shopping.

Meredith and I were really tired from all the tours and sight seeing, and the call to prayer waking us up at 4:45 am (it seemed like they were doing it in our room!), so we decided to go back to the hotel and have a night in, with baklava and other street snacks.


Elevator Flowers


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2 Responses to Across the Bosphorus

  1. Ooooooh!! I miss Istanbul! I was there last year and absolutely loved it…particularly the food. Thanks for sharing the amazing photos.

  2. pollyheath says:

    These pictures are all so beautiful and makes me want to move somewhere where I can buy such beautiful, colorful produce!!

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